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About the Cloud

Spectrum Controls, Inc. maintains an online WebPort management software application, WebPort Connects®, that allows you to access and manage your WebPort devices and programmable logic controllers online. You may also use WebPort Connects cloud services to create a personalized dashboard to display datalogs and data retrieved from your controllers. You may use WebPort Connects to create personalized reports and documents with that data. Finally, you may directly access and configure the WebPort's graphical user interface via Connects. Once the WebPort is configured and connected to your controllers, you are able to access these controllers via Connects using your usual software management tools.

You may also set up alarms to detect if your WebPort disconnects from the WebPort Cloud service. You can inform one or more users that this is the case.

Click the following link to access the WebPort Connects application:

Spectrum Controls Cloud Application

To access instructions that cover both the WebPort and WebPort Connects setup process, see Getting Started Configuring Your WebPort for WebPort Connects

Once your account is set up, you may be able to add users with varying permissions, set up dashboards, retrieve and view datalogs, and personalize data reports. What you can view or change on an account is dependent on your level of privilege. Account administrators and/or users are able to use WebPort Connects to register their WebPorts with the service, and then connect their PC, tablet, or mobile device to the WebPort(s) that are registered with the account. Users can also use RSLinx and RSLogix to access PLCs that are connected to the WebPorts. These services enable a variety of users to globally access WebPort and PLC data at any time where there is either Internet or (optional) cell phone service.


The IP address for the WebPort when connected to WebPort Connects is different than the IP address you use when you connect locally to the WebPort.

To set up your account: