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WebPort® Online Help

This online help provides comprehensive information about installing, configuring, and using your WebPort to remotely access data from programmable logic controllers (PLCs), additional WebPorts, and human-machine interface or SCADA equipment.

A WebPort may access this equipment via Ethernet or serially using the two serial ports that are available. You may also access your WebPort or PLC equipment locally over the intranet, via a locally setup VPN, or remotely using the Internet or cellular interface via the WebPort Connects® cloud service (also via a VPN).


Before you can configure your WebPort, you must have the WebPort installed and running.

If you would like to view and print additional step-by-step instructions, along with specification information and antenna guidelines, select the following link:

Software User's Guide, WebPort

To review changes and improvements added, starting with Version 1.1 software, see the release notes:

Release Notes

If you would like to view and print the step-by-step instructions you received with the WebPort, select the following link:

WebPort QuickStart

The WebPort online help is also available in a printable version. The printable version is a large file, so you may experience a considerable slowdown accessing this file. To access this version, select the following link:

WebPort Software User's Guide


To access step-by-step instructions for some processes, such as connecting to the cloud, click the following link:

To access context-sensitive online help from each of the main WebPort dialogs, click the following button on the upper right-hand side of the WebPort menu bar: This is a picture of the dialog.

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