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Acknowledging an Alarm Via SMS

Use the following procedure to acknowledge an alarm on a WebPort by sending an SMS to the WebPort.

If the optional cell modem is present, you need to know the cell modem number of your WebPort before you can send it an SMS. If you need to determine your cell modem number, see Obtaining a Cell Modem Number

Once you know your WebPort's cell modem number, send the following message to the cell modem number:

ack n

where n is the number of the alarm itself. For example, if you receive an SMS reading [ALARM TRIGGERED: 2] Boiler pressure above limits, the value 2 is sent back in the message as follows:

ack 2

You should see that the alarm is acknowledged in the Alarm Log with the user name of the person who acknowledged the alarm.


For this procedure to work, the cell phone being used to ACK the alarm must be associated with a user account in the WebPort.