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Pinging IP Addresses


Whether or not you are able to ping an individual WebPort is dependent on your PC’s security settings, and whether or not you have chosen to allow pings. See Configuring Security Setup for the WebPort

You can determine whether or not a device such as a computer, WebPort, router, or other device that has an IP address is reachable from your device by using the ping command. Example: You have connected a personal computer to a WebPort and you wish to determine whether or not the computer is able to communicate with the WebPort.

To ping the WebPort from the personal computer:

  1. From the main window on your personal computer, click Start:

    The following field appears:

    This is a picture of the dialog.
  2. In the field, type cmd and press Enter: This is a picture of the dialog.

    The Windows command window appears.

  3. At the command prompt, type ping IP address where IP address is the address of the WebPort you wish to access, and press Enter. This is the WAN address shown on the LED display after you turn on the WebPort. Example:

    The following data appears in the command window:

    This is a picture of the dialog.

    This data lets you know that you were successful in reaching the device belonging to the IP address you entered.

    If you were not successful in reaching the device, you will instead be informed that the device is unreachable:

    This is a picture of the dialog.

    If you cannot reach the device using this command, you can contact your system administrator or technical support for additional assistance in connecting to the device you are trying to access. The device may be configured to block pings. If the device you are trying to access is a PC, the PC's firewall is usually set to block pings by default.