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Troubleshooting WebPort Power Supplies

The WebPort uses a power supply for powering the WebPort.

Use the following information to help you troubleshoot WebPort power up problems:

  1. When choosing a power supply for the PWR connector on your WebPort(s), make sure you follow the guidelines given in Hardware Specifications.
  2. If you use an inadequate power supply, the WebPort may fail to power up sufficiently, which will result in the WebPort failing to boot properly.
  3. If you use a power supply that fails to supply steady power, on startup, the WebPort may behave erratically. You may see intermittent WebPort reboots, flickering LEDs, or the LEDs may not illuminate at all.
  4. If you have improperly wired the connector, the WebPort either will not power up, or if you significantly exceed the input limit, you will observe a puff of smoke.
  5. If you wire the WebPort connector to use network inhibit, the inhibit disables all public connections (WAN and cell modem). See Inhibiting the Network.